Conto QuickPay

receive your payments online

Conto QuickPay is a Payment Initiation Service (PIS) that allows e-shops and other businesses to receive their payments online from buyers, who have a bank account but do not want to use a payment card, to pay for goods or services.

  • Lowest monthly service costs 
  • Intuitive widget
  • Quick online payment process

How to start

using Conto QuickPay
  • Get familiarized with service provision rules and general terms of use
  • Order the service
  • Install Conto QuickPaye widget into your e-shop system
  • Start accepting payments

Service price

Number of transactions per month
Price per one transaction, Eur
 from  to
 0  1 000
 1 001  5 000
 5 001  10 001
 10 001  ∞
 Upon request


If you would like to check how our widget works, you can transfer to a demo e-shop 1 euro cent from your account with any of the below specified financial institutions. 


As of today we have developed plugins with OpenCart, Prestashop, Magento and WooCommernce for Wordpress. Supported versions:

WooCommerce plugin 3.x+  OpenCart v3.0.3.6 Prestashop 1.7 Magento 2.3-2.4 
WordPress v4.x+  OpenCart v3.0.3.2    
   Open cart v2.3.0.2    

Integration with banks and other financial institutions

We have integration with the following financial institutions:
New banks on the way:


New payment initiation service that allows e-shops and other businesses to receive payments online.