Conto QuickPay

receive your payments online

ContoQuickPay is a Payment Initiation Service (PIS) that allows e-shops and other businesses to receive their payments online from buyers, who have a bank account but do not want to use a payment card, to pay for goods or services.

  • Lowest monthly service costs 
  • Intuitive widget
  • Quick online payment process

How to start

using Conto QuickPay
  • Get familiarized with service provision rules and general terms of use
  • Order the service
  • Install Conto QuickPaye widget into your e-shop system
  • Start accepting payments

Service price

Number of transactions per month
Price per one transaction, Eur Monthly service fee, Eur
 from  to    
 0  200  0,1  Not applicable
 201  5 000  0,08*  50
 5 001  50 001  0,05*  100
 50 001  ∞  Exclusive  Exclusive

*Special offer for new customers: 6 months without a transaction fee.

For those who want to open an account – free of charge account management until the end of this year.
Special offer is valid until the 31st of December 2020.

If you would like to check how our widget works, you can transfer to a demo e-shop 1 euro cent from your account with any of the below specified financial institutions. 


As of today we have developed a plugin with OpenCart e-shop management system, plugin for Wordpress is next.  

Integration with banks and other financial institutions

We have integration with the following financial institutions:
New banks on the way:


New payment initiation service that allows e-shops and other businesses to receive payments online.