Payment Cloud

Integrate SEPA payment processing directly into your products
  • Dramatically reduces cost and complexity of integration to SEPA
  • Most payments reach the recipient in just a few hours
  • Access to the settlement account information via API and an Internet portal
  • Individual virtual IBANs for your private and business customers
  • Real time notifications about payment status

White Label

Provide financial services without starting financial institution
  • No need to have banking or EMI license
  • No need to hire expensive personnel with banking experience
  • Not need to implement banking IT
  • No need to deal with regulatory reporting
  • No need to develop web or mobile app

  • Your core system is connected to the Payment Cloud via API, allowing automatic processing of incoming and outgoing SEPA Credit Transfers. 
  • Your financial institution opens a settlement account with Contomobile.
  • For each of your clients, Contomobile can open a virtual IBAN sub account to identify a payment beneficiary
  • You welcome customers form all over the globe via remote onboarding
  • Communication with customers via mobile and web app branded under your name
  • Easy integration with other platforms via standardized API


We would like to notify you that:

  • Updated Price List for Personal and Business Customers will take effect from 1 June 2024. For more information please refer here.
  • Updated Terms of Use for Personal Customers will take effect from 12 June 2024. For more information please refer here.