Consumer complaints handling policy

Valid from 8 February, 2024


1.1. This Complaints Policy regulates the submission, registration, and handling of user complaints regarding the services provided by Contomobile and/or contracts concluded with customers. Certain terms used in this document have defined meanings. These terms are capitalised and the definitions can be found here.
1.2. All complaints are processed by Contomobile free of charge unless the complainant unreasonably demands to provide additional information and/or documents that are not necessary for the resolution of the complaint. If the complainant unreasonably demands to provide additional information and/or documents that are not necessary for the resolution of the complaint, the direct reasonable costs of Contomobile shall be covered.


2.1. Complaints sent in written form to Contomobile must be submitted to the address Tuskulėnų st. 33C-55, Vilnius, or email at and/or
2.2. The complaint must be submitted in Lithuanian or English. If the complaint or related documents are submitted in another foreign language, Contomobile has the right to demand that they be translated into Lithuanian or English.
1.1. Complainant should submit a complaint to Contomobile within 3 (three) months of learning about a violation of customer’s rights.
2.4. When submitting a complaint, complainant must provide:
2.2.1. full name and surname;
2.2.2. personal identification number or date of birth;
2.2.3. address;
2.2.4. the phone number associated with the complainant‘s account;
2.2.5. email address;
2.2.6. full details of the circumstances giving rise to the complaint including a full description of the issue, the date and time that the issue occurred and how complainant would like Contomobile to resolve the issue;
2.2.7. all necessary relevant documents and provide copies of all necessary documents.
2.5. After complainant has submitted complaint in accordance with the requirements described above, Contomobile will acknowledge receipt of complaint and its examinationvia email within 3 (three) Working Days.


3.1. After receiving full information and/or documents relating to the complaint, Contomobile will promptly consider the matter and aim to provide complainant with final response within 15 (fifteen) Working Days. If the information complainant has provided with complaint is not sufficient to allow Contomobile to properly address the issue, Contomobile will contact complainant and identify what further information or documentation is considered to be required to allow to adequately address complaint. When determining the deadline for submitting an answer, in all cases it is taken into account whether the complainant submitted all the necessary information and/or documents on time.
3.2. If Contomobile is unable to provide a final response to complaint within 15 (fifteen) Working Days, Contomobile will contact complainant to explain the reason for the delay and specify the date when a final response will be received. In any event, the final response will be provided within 35 (thirty five) Working Days of the date the complaint was received.
3.3. The final response will be clearly identified as such and will either:
3.3.1. Accept complaint and, where appropriate, offer redress or other remedial action;
3.3.2. Offer redress or other remedial action as a gesture of goodwill without accepting thecomplaint; or
3.3.3. Reject the complaint and explain the reasons that the complaint has been rejected.
3.4. Contomobile will send the response to complainant via the same delivery channel that was used to submit the complaint, unless other method of receiving the answer was specified.
3.5. If complainant is not satisfied with Contomobile’s final response, or if complainant did not receive a response from Contomobile within the time period set out at paragraphs from 3.1 to 3.2, complainant may be able:
3.5.1. to submit a complaint to the Contomobile’s Supervisory Authority - the Bank of Lithuania, address Totorių str. 4, LT-01121 Vilnius, e-mail or Žirmūnų str. 151, LT-09128 Vilnius, e-mail (for more information visit).
3.5.2. refer the matter to the Bank of Lithuania (Žirmūnų str. 151, LT01121 Vilnius, webpage ). The Bank of Lithuania deals with disputes between consumers and financial market participants out of court (for more information visit and on the Bank of Lithuania website). Complainant may be able to refer the appeal to the Bank of Lithuania in three ways: Via the electronic dispute settlement facility E-Government Gateway; By completing a Consumer Application Form and sending it to the Supervision Service of the Bank of Lithuania, Žirmūnų g. 151, LT-09128 Vilnius, email:; By filing out a free-form application and sending it to the Supervision Service, Žirmūnų g. 151, LT-09128 Vilnius, email: Please note that certain time limits apply to appeals referred to the Bank of Lithuania. If complainant does intend to refer a complaint, he/she must do so within 1 (one) year of receiving Contomobile’s final response. If complainant fail to refer a complaint within this time-frame, he/she will no longer be able to apply to the Bank of Lithuania regarding the dispute.
3.5.3. If the complainant's complaint is related to violated consumer rights, to apply to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service for extrajudicial dispute resolution at Vilniaus st. 25, Vilnius, website
3.5.4. If the complainant's complaint is related to personal data, to apply to the State Data Protection Inspectorate for extrajudicial dispute resolution at L. Sapiegos str. 17, Vilnius, website
3.5.5. Complainant has the right to apply to the Bank of Lithuania or directly to court. Please be aware that a court judgement is binding on all parties whereas the decision of the Bank of Lithuania is a recommendation that is not binding on the consumer or the financial market participant and cannot be appealed. The Bank of Lithuania does not charge for dealing with disputes.